Pelle Guldborg Hansen, PhD

Behavioural Researcher, Director of ISSP, CEO of iNudgeYou.com,

Chairman of Danish Nudging Network, member of the Danish Diabetes Association's Prevention Council



Nudges, like regulations, are intentionally applied in the knowledge that they will tend to affect behaviour.



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New Scientist

NATMOC paper cited in NS

June 22: Today the front page of New Scientist launched Nudge and manipulation as a theme. Although the issue only featured two brief articles and an interview with Cass Sunstein it was quite informative. In praticular, I was happy to see that the articles more or less sided with our recent paper 'Nudge and the manipulation of choice' (NATMOC) published in The European Journal of Risk Regulation this year. In fact, Evan Selinger directed the readers' attention to our article when making his conclusion in his contribution to the New Scientist issue. You can find our paper under scientific publications, or go to the New Scientist Issue (paywall) through the button below.

'Nudging Business Policy' now public

July 1: results of my recent experiments conducted with Danish Business Authorities and Copenhagen Economics are now public


During the last six months I have been carrying out a series of nudge experiments with the Danish Business Authorities and Copenhagen Economics. Some of the initial results have now been made public in the report 'Nudging Business Policy". However, keep an eye out since there are more results on the way.


Book contract signed with Springer

July 1: The manuscript is almost finished, but today the contract for me and Vincent's fortchoming book in English was signed with Springer


In 2011 Vincent F. Hendricks and I wrote Oplysningens Blinde Vinkler (Blind Angles of Enlightenment). It didn't sell particularly well, but the reviewers agreed that it was 'the most neglected book of 2011' - in a positive sense. Knwoing that Danes only read Crime Fiction we are translating the book into English, and signed a contract with Springer.







Pelle Guldborg Hansen, PhD


Behavioral Researcher, CBIT Roskilde University

Director of ISSP - The Initiative for Science, Society & Policy

House 43.3. Roskilde University 4000 Roskilde